Friday, October 14, 2011

Send Free SMS to Pakistan |

Visit:, A web based SMS service through which you can send SMS all over pakistan.

This website is actually developed and designed by the team and its different members with thier allocated duties and responsibilities, Morever each and every part of this site has been integrated and quality ensured and verified.


This is the best methodology used by this site to send your SMS in the most priority way regardless of any charges and membership which costs, Although you can send sms just like your cell or more than cell because we have connected the GSM Modems with our servers through which your SMS will be routed and reaches destination more faster and accurately through this service.

We have our own Dedicated Servers i.e. mailing servers, SMS Servers, and Telecommunication Server. Your SMS routes through the priority gateway through our services and reaches destination with in No Time.

Future Technology Integration:

With the time we have been upgrading our system in future where you will be finding more fun and excitements with this you will have the option to send SMS All over the World, currently we are working on it in order to provide you the world's Best Web Based SMS Service.

In short this is the complete solution to your Web-SMS in which you can save your Contact Details, Your Previosuly Sent SMS, Sending SMS all over pakistan at any network. Almost every network has been added into the system.

Your Feedback, Comments, Suggestions and advice are very precious to us we need your ideas to integrate it into our system and provide end user more luxirious way to send SMS and have fun.


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